RaidSonic ICY BOX IB-872-i3

Kortläsare - 3,5 tum (MS, microSD, CFast Card) - USB 3.0
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Tillverkare RaidSonic
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  • Information
    • 4-port card reader with multi-LUN
    • Additional USB 3.0 Type-A port
    • Data transfer rates of up to 5 Gbit/s
    • Supports 3.5"" bay
    • Supports SD, microSD, CF, and MS memory cards
    • Internal 20 pin USB 3.0 connector

    The 3.5" (floppy) bay in the front of most PC cases was often used in the past, but has become almost irrelevant today. The IB-872-i3 provides four card readers and a USB 3.0 Type-A connector to use the space of the 3.5" bay in a useful way.

    It doesn't matter which memory cards you use, the most popular cards are easily mastered by the IB- 872-i3 - whether SD and microSD, CF or MS, there is a place for everything.

    Thanks to multi-LUN support, each logical drive is a stand-alone device. This allows all memory cards to be accessed and data copied simultaneously. This makes the usual back and forth of memory cards a thing of the past.

    With the IB-872-i3 you not only bring four different card readers comfortably to the front of your PC, the additional USB 3.0 port with its 5 Gbit/s transfer rate provides even more connectivity.

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